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Chez Graham*
Article created: 98-06-01

gw_bw_03.jpgWelcome to my personal web side.  For those who care to know, here's the inside scoop...

2005-04-15 Update. Glacially slow updating of this page continues. I'm currently working on brains, software and data at a neurosciences lab studying autism.

2003-01-13 Update. Well, I wrote up much of this part of the site in a flurry of enthusiam in 1998 or so. It's now, well, a little later and needless to say other stuff has happened since. Most conspicuously, a couple of books and counting, (, and also some adventures with semantic networking friends and other contracting/consulting escapades. Not sure when I'll get around to updating. Consider this an extremely slow-moving blog.

Professional Activities and Escapades

Somewhat of a catalog of projects and other activities including electronic hardware and software design and development, business and information system analysis, modeling (conceptual and photographic) and writing. [Go]

Really Personal Info

Like most personal web pages, there's not too much really personal stuff here about family, friends, and other intimate relationships... which of course doesn't reflect their importance... or perhaps it does... after all, could a web summary do them justice?   Here are some family photos. [Go]

Basic Stats On Me

Born: ness_01.gif (4384 bytes)1956, Inverness (on the banks of Loch Ness), Scotland
Located: 56 - 67, UK, various places
67 - 80, Toronto, Canada
80 - ??, San Diego, California, USA
Education: 69-73: University of Toronto Schools
73-77: University of Toronto, Engineering Science and Electrical Engineering. (BASc, Hons)
77-??: It surely never stops, not in my fields at any rate!
Work: 77-80: Electronics Today Canada magazine, asst editor, editor.
81-98: San Diego State University, research engineering and systems analysis
81-98: Consulting, contracting and writing projects
98-03: Consulting, writing etc etc.
03-??: Software and data management in neurosciences here

email: please see the contact page

* "Chez" is a french word, and has nothing to do with squishy Kraft products.

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